A picture of the Mahafaly landscape, near Gogogogo.

A picture of the Mahafaly landscape, near Gogogogo.

My 17-month-old daughter has a new-found fascination with saying, “GO! GO! GO!” (also the title of one of her books). While doing some research among unreached areas of Madagascar this afternoon, I came across the name of this city: Gogogogo! I love that name.

Besides having a unique moniker, Gogogogo has a deep need. It is located among the Mahafaly tribe. The Mahafaly, or “those who make taboos,” consist of 300,000+ tribal peoples whose violent resistance to Western influence, and tenacious grasp of traditional animism make them a prime target for the life-changing power of the gospel. They are among the most spiritually and physically needy people groups in Madagascar.

So…if you were looking for a ‘sign’ or fleece telling you to GO to Madagascar, there it is: Gogogogo.

Click here to hear Hana Kate discuss the need..

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07 2009

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    Thanks for the inishgt. It brings light into the dark!

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