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Today, Hudson Taylor, has left a few words for the blog. This comes from The Collected Works of J. Hudson Taylor of the China Inland Mission, Dust & Ashes Publications. These quotations come from a sermon he preached at a missionary conference in 1900.

Beloved, you whose duty it is to remain at home, are equally sharers with those who go into the mission fields in this work; yours the responsibility; yours equally to share in the reward when Christ is glorified and His kingdom is everywhere made known.

The command was not given to a limited class; it was given to the whole Church, and we all have our share of the responsibility.

There is another method of preaching the gospel; believing it to be the power of God unto salvation; preaching it in the expectation that He who first brought light out of darkness can and will at once and instantaneously take the darkest heathen heart and create light within. That is the method that is successful.

We may well thank God that He has not left us a difficult service without providing us abundant power, adequate power and resources for its discharge for all time, even to the end of the world.


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