An Unexpected Stay in Johannesburg


I am writing this from a little Bed & Breakfast in Johannesburg, South Africa. The flight I was supposed to be on is probably somewhere over Namibia right now. Since the flight had excess luggage, and I was flying as a standby passenger, the excess luggage got to go, but not me. While waiting in line for the flight, I heard some American safari hunter bragging that he shot three animals, including a Cape Buffalo. If his trophies are on the plane, than it’s no surprise…

The little delay is a bit disappointing, because I was looking forward to seeing my family, and a 24 hour delay is…well…a 24 hour delay! I really can’t wait to see them. It’s been a long time.

On the other hand, I’m content to be here for a day, because God has a perfect plan for it–kind of like my Fort Dauphin misadventure. Everything about this entire trip has been evidently and beuatifully orchestrated by a sovereign God–each little detail.

My reason for being here may be as significant as the conversation I had with Kenneth, the shuttle driver. He told me, “I was raised a Christian, but I am not a born again Christian.” You can imagine the conversation that followed. The bottom line is this: Kenneth does not want to give his life to the Lord, because he is afraid of failing Him and falling away from the faith, disgracing Jesus Christ. He realizes the serious nature of a giving one’s life to Christ. Pray for Kenneth’s salvation.

And, if you don’t mind, pray that I’ll be able to get on the flight tomorrow night. Thanks..

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08 2009

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  1. Heather East #

    I’m sorry I’ll miss your return to the States. May the Lord bring forth much fruit from your trip. Please keep me updated!


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