Jesus Will Not Be Syncretized


The smell of marijuana–sickly sweet and unforgettable–clung to the porch where I was standing. I was listening to a man talk.  “I love Jesus and I love to get high.”

The man talking to me was busy with his fingers, rolling the marijuana into cigarettes. A tall Icehouse beer was on the floor next to his chair. The man’s three female companions who were sitting on the porch cackled, questioned, and ridiculed him as they listened to him defend his salvation. I just listened while an intense debate proceeded.

While visiting neighbors in my Jerusalem, my friend Andrew and I happened to come across this group of people enjoying a front-porch Sunday afternoon–drinking, talking, and rolling grass. I didn’t come to bust up a drag weed party. I came to tell them about Jesus. And like other pushers, hookers, child molesters, and criminals that I’ve met, they were born again believers. Or so they claimed.

I am not the judge of hearts. I do not know who is saved and who is not.

What I do know is simple:  Jesus will not be syncretized. Jesus is King. Jesus is sovereign. Jesus is the Way. Jesus is the Truth. Jesus is the Life. Jesus is the way to the Father. Jesus is Lord.

The problem of syncretism isn’t unique to African animists or Asian Buddhists who want Jesus + False gods. The problem of syncretism is a worldwide highway to condemnation. I am grieved over the blindness and hardened hearts of sinful people. What they need to hear is the Good News of Jesus–the One who will deliver them. This Jesus–this Loving Savior, this compassionate Friend, this God-Man–will not be syncretized..

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04 2010

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    I really like your website, and good post too. It always seems more difficult to witness to someone who professes to be a Christian, but is not showing forth fruits of repentance, than someone who does not profess to be and is not a Christian. It’s like there are millions of people inoculated against the gospel. But thankfully, God is sovereign and we can trust Him to save even those that seem the most “resistant” to repenting and trusting in Christ for salvation :).

    Committed Christian

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    Quite interesting publish. the info that you provided is impressive and most importantly i liked the way in which you provided things here. Truly, the concept is real time applicable and as per the current demand of the internet user society.

  3. Will #

    Disgusting! How can you say this man is a ‘pusher’? Sycetized is not a word, and Jesus would not have wanted people like you to represent Him. He preached tolerance somethign I fear you are lacking in. I imagine in your USA version of God He is white, has a beard and speaks Engligh!
    American Christians discriminate and abuse more than the pharasees did. I bet you dont believe in abortion or gay marriage – are these not choices that people can make? Why do Christians hate other people so much? It is no wonder most of the world hates your country when you preach like you were here first. How old is your country? How did it start – not in a very Christian way, bit of murder and stealing!!

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