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We are the Threlfall family, preparing to go to the country of Madagascar as missionaries. God has blessed us with two daughters, Hana Kate and Eden..

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    Dear young family,

    I am from germany and I am a helimission candidate! I am since february in the USA for flight training and helimission is planning for sending me out in 2014 to madagascar! So I would love to hear from you and to stay in contact.
    Maybee I fly you one day out to the mission field! :-)

    You find more information about me on my homepage http://www.alexmission.de

    Greetings and blessings to you and my God open doors!


  2. Emmanuel #

    Hi Alex,

    I am glad that God is leading you to Madagascar to serve Him.
    I am looking for ministry opportunity there, I was there in 2005
    and i am looking forward to be back there. May I know if you can
    link me up with someone or mission organization there.


  3. Kelly & Annette Ballew #

    My husband and I are seeking the Lords guidance and have searched through numberous missionary outreaches. We have heard from the Lord and feel that He is sending us in this direction. Any suggestions from you would be greatly appreciated.
    Thank you

  4. Will #

    Why do you feel the need to force your opinions on other people who havent asked for it? Typical americans. You made your country by killing and stealing yet think the rest of the world should act like you! Why not stay put and sderve God by sorting your own problems out.
    If He does exist then I think being a good person is a better way to live than judging and criticising other religions – how do you know who is right? Religion is way for idiots like you to explain the world and themselves. Evolution is fact, religion, as you may have noticed is different for different cultures. Try leaving your beliefs at home once in a while – you may have more fun!

    How have you heard from the Lord? did he talk to you? in english? was he white? I ‘ll bet he was – ever noticed where Jesus came from – the middle east!!

    I hope you realise your views are not wanted by the poeple you are ‘saving’! God would not want this. The world is fucked and it is people like you who have caused all the hate and suffering.

    Religion = a way to hate other people for not believing as you do. Its a belief not a fact

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    Hi. God bless you with your missionary calling. Say, I noticed you feature a photo of Francis Schaeffer and mention his booklet, “The Mark of the Christian.” Then you point people to what you say is the “entire” booklet online with a link to my web site. I host that page.

    InterVarsity Press has contacted me about four times in the past 12 years since I put it online. I actually do have permission to host the entire booklet, permission that is, from the original copyright holder. Thus my permission is equal to that of IVP. Nevertheless, they asked me to please “abridge” my version of it. I acquiesced and cut it down to about 60% of the original booklet. That was about five months ago. Just letting you know. — Douglas


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